Film Scoring

Long-time music composer, producer and audio engineer, Chen Wissotzky has the experience, creativity and tools to produce music that will intensify and enrich your film.

Chen works from 1 Piece Puzzle Studios, a well equipped facility that enables him to create music across a wide range of genres. Whether you are looking for a full orchestral sound, strings arrangements, modern dub-step, post rock, jazz or ambient, Chen has the ability and artistic vision to accompany your images with the appropriate score.

A team of musicians is available to help bring the music to life. Professional jazz musicians, strings players and vocalists are ready to be called upon when required.

Chen studied film at Middlesex university and has an audio engineering diploma from SAE London .He is an established touring musician and his music has featured on a variety of TV and radio stations, including the BBC.

We also have a vast and constantly growing catalogue of the best music which you can listen to on our easy-to-navigate playlists.

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